Monday, February 4, 2013

DAR Repository Top 10 for 2012

Check out the top ten most popular student projects, masters theses, and faculty publications authored by AUCians for 2012.
  1. The economic causes of the Egyptian Revolution "January 25, 2011"
    Abdel Meguid, Nivin; El Banna, Sanaa; Korayem, Rana; Salah Eldin, Hoda
    2183 unique page visits
  2. Assessment of solid waste management in Egypt during the last decade in light of the partnership between the Egyptian government and the private sector
    Milik, Sohair Mourad
    664 unique page visits
  3. Case study: SERAC vs. Nigeria examining the role of international law in supporting social movement goals
  4. Williams, Owen
    416 unique page visits
  5. Corporal punishment in schools
    Wasef, Nevine Henry
    396 unique page visits
  6. Gender politics in transition women's political rights in Egypt after the January 25 Revolution
    Ruta, Claudia
  7. 372 unique page visits
  8. Understanding the poem of the Burdah in Sufi commentaries
    Aslan, Rose
    368 unique page visits
  9. Youth and the 25th Revolution in Egypt: agents of change and its multiple meanings
  10. El Sharnouby, Dina
    345 unique page visits
  11. Applying the SWOT analysis on Egyptian nonprofit organizations: a case study of Future Protectors for Care and Development Association
    Ghoneim, Nashwa
    309 unique page visits
  12. Seating arrangement and cooperative learning activities: students' on-task/off-task participation in EFL classrooms
    Lotfy, Nohayer
    223 unique page visits
  13. The Arab Spring one year later: an assessment of impact
  14. Abdel Meguid, Nivin
    201 unique page visits
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