Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Browse Options in DAR Repository Promote Discovery

This week, the Digital Archive and Research Repository, more commonly referred to as DAR, debuted 8 new browsing options. The additional browsing options offer researchers new ways to discover content. In addition to browsing by Communities and Collections, Author, Title, Issue Date, and Keyword, researchers may now discover resources using the following categories:
  1. Office
    Check out contributions from 45 different administrative offices and departments.
  2. Date
    Find relevant research based on the date the item was created or published.
  3. Department
    Browse theses, publications, research, and Arab Spring scholarship contributed by AUC students, faculty, and staff.
  4. Discipline
    Refine your search by 36 AUC disciplines.
  5. Course
    Find student research by the AUC course number.
  6. Format
    Browse different formats, including theses, interviews, and newsletters.
  7. Type
    Browse by item type: sound, moving image, etc.
  8. Language
    Check out our content in English and Arabic.
The new discovery tools would not have been possible without the efforts of personnel in University Academic Computing Technologies.