Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introducting the RBSCL's Regional Architecture Collections

The Rare Books and Special Collections Library at the American University in Cairo strives to preserve and promote the use of the Regional Architecture Collections, which document the work of architecture from Egypt and the surround regions. Conchita Añorve-Tschirgi, the curator of the Regional Architecture Collections says "Our strategy and goal at the RBSCL is more than just being the repository of such valuable materials. We want, in some measure to also keep these collections alive."

The Regional Architecture Collections at the Rare Books and Special Collections Library houses the archives of several famous contemporary architects, including Hassan Fathy, Ramses Wissa Wassef, Sayed Karim, and Gamal Bakry. In addition to preserving the architectural drawings, Añorve-Tschirgi works on digitizing the collections as well. Collections from Hassan Fathy and K.A.C. Kreswell have been digitized, and over 600 images of Islamic art and architecture are also available online. These collections are available from the American University in Cairo's Digital Archive and Research Repository, which allows researchers to discover and view unique cultural heritage resources from the Rare Books and Special Collections Library.
Interested in learning more? Contact Conchita Añorve-Tschirgi at conchita@aucegypt.edu.