Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Web Archive at AUC

Have you even wondered what happens to web pages over time? Are they lost forever? Do they simply disappear?

In order to collect and preserve publically available websites of long-term research or historical value, the RBSCL saves websites using technology developed by the Internet Archive through a service called Archive-It .

This means that you can view the Carvan's website in March 2009, AUC's main page in April 2009 or even the AUC Facebook page this past January.

In addition to AUC pages, there are web archive collections focused on Coptic religion and culture, Egyptian businesses and migration and refugee studies.

The Rare Books and Special Collections Library is expanding on many of these collections, as well as adding new collections. Some of the new areas will be expatriates in Egypt, Egyptian arts and culture and unofficial AUC sites (such as Facebook pages).

Do you have any websites you think should be included in the web archive?
Leave a comment and let us know!