Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Photos and Postcards of Egypt on Flickr

In 2008, the Library of Congress started a Flickr account with the following goals in mind:
• To share photographs from the Library’s collections with people who enjoy images but might not visit the Library’s own Web site
• To gain a better understanding of how social tagging and community input could benefit both the Library and users of the collections
• To gain experience participating in Web communities that are interested in the kinds of materials in the Library’s collections

As part of this initiative, they started The Commons, the goal of which is to encourage people to help describe the historical photos being added to Flickr by institutions like the Library of Congress by tagging them or commenting on them.

The Rare Books and Special Collections Library at AUC is interested in sharing our collections and in involving and engaging our users. We've begun a Flickr account, hoping viewers will help us describe the photographs by leaving comments, tags and notes.

You will need Flickr account to leave comments, but it is a free service and easy to sign up. The free account will also allow to upload photos of your own!

Here's a sample of the types of items we have:
Ismailia - Lake Timsah

Dahibiyehs on the Nile, Underwood & Underwood Stereograph Card

Giza Pyramids

Mosque Sunset

Please visit our Flickr page and explore! So far we have big two collections, 19th century photographs and a collection of postcards. The participation thus far has been incredibly encouraging and exciting and we hope this continues!