Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Available in DAR: Oral Histories from the Economic and Business History Research Center

The Economic and Business History Research Center (EBHRC) is a research, teaching and documentation center at the American University in Cairo.

The EBHRC was established in early 2004 with the goal of creating a repository of primary recordings of first hand accounts to Egypt’s contemporary history with special emphasis on economic and business history. In a country rich in events and history and comparably poor in transparency and in accessibility of records, the centre perceived its task as capturing the untold history, the stories and narratives locked up in the memories of people. (source)

One activity the EBHRC has pursued in order to fulfill this mission is collecting oral histories.

Oral History has been employed by the EBHRC for the past two years as the principal source from which it attempts to uncover aspects of Egyptian economic and business life that were not or could not have been covered by other historical sources. (source)

In collaboration with the RBSCL, the EBHRC is putting some of their 200 hours of recorded sessions with 80 of Egypt’s important figures in the economic and business sector in our digital repository. Each interview will include a short biography of the interviewee, files and a transcription [please note: the audio & transcription are in Arabic]. These files are available in our Digital Archive and Research Repository (DAR).

So far we have 5 interviews available:

  • Fawzy Mansour
  • Fouad Sultan
  • Ibrahim El-Issawy
  • Samir Amin
  • Tarek Ali Hassan
For more information on oral histories, the EBHRC has put together a helpful list of links. You can also read The Chronicles, the EBHRC's periodic publication that provides "a space for research in the making, a venue for the work of young scholars and a brainstorming platform among academics."